Creativity is one of the most important competencies organizations urge to acquire in individuals, groups, products, processes and culture. Therefore assessing creativity and predicting creative potential in organizational settings is a crucial process. Decisionmakers rely on several methods like creative evidence, personality tests, reputation, expert opinion, self-evaluation or peer evaluation for this purpose. In many situations, these decisions need to be made without any actual products at hand or before reliable information is available to decision makers.

In cultural and creative industries, creativity is one of the top criteria for evaluating an individual, idea, work/product or project for funding or recognition decisions with a high price tag attached. In many instances like acquiring artworks for a collection, funding a design process, financing a film project, recognizing young musicians in a competition or awarding best advertisements, creativity is an integral part of assessment process. Most of the time there is a jury of experts in the field who decides what/who is creative or not.

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